TR33 LLC OCM Framework

An Effective & Efficient Strategy for Business Success

1.1 Define & document the case for change
1.2 Define why the change is needed
1.3 Define & document the vision for the future state
1.4 Identify goals, objectives, & success criteria of the change
1.5 Define & document Sponsors of the current state

Assess the Change

1.6 Assess gaps between current & future states
1.7 Assess the change impact to support Understand the Change
1.8 Stakeholder Analysis: Identify & document impacted audiences
1.9 Assess the change impact
1.10 Assess the Executive Sponsor competencies
1.11 Obtain Sponsorship alignment – case for change, future state vision, objectives, success criteria, & gap analysis

Determine Readiness

1.12 Stakeholder Analysis: Develop impacted leader registry
1.13 Perform organizational assessments to determine Change Readiness (capacity & capability for the org to change)
1.14 Conduct change resistance and/or risks assessment
1.15 Identify / validate required resources for the change effort
1.16 Create the Change Management Strategy
1.17 Obtain Sponsorship alignment – Change Management Strategy, Stakeholder Registry, & Resource Proposal

2.1 Prepare the Change Team
2.2 Create the Change Management Plan: Sponsor / Stakeholder engagement plan, communications plan, coaching, training, & resistance / risk & sustainment plans
2.3 Create content needed to support the Change Management Plan
2.4 Obtain Sponsor approval
2.5 Integrate the Change Management Plan to the [various] Project Plans (Workstreams)
2.6 Develop feedback channels to monitor performance of transition phase, preparedness, leadership engagement, resistance & risk management

3.1 Implement and execute the Change Management Plan
3.2 Manage & monitor implementation [phase] of the Change Management Plan
3.3 Collect and analyze feedback & evaluate success factors based on KRI / KPI’s
3.4 Modify the CM Plan as required to address resistance / risk and celebrate successes
3.5 Develop content needed to support modifications to the OCM Plan

4.1 Create the Sustainment Plan
4.2 Conduct after action review and document best practices
4.3 Present closeout presentation and obtain Sponsor & Change Receiver approval for Change Plan
4.4 Transfer ownership of Change effort to the Change Receiver / Beneficiary
4.5 Accept ownership of projects culminating to the Change Strategy and ensure alignment for the Sustainment Plan

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  • Leadership | Employee Training
  • Building Annual Plans or Roadmaps
  • Facilitating Leadership Meetings & Townhall Employee
  • Engagements associated with Company/Cultural changes in the work place.
  • Assessment of departmental operations
  • Cause Evaluation of operational performance (attributed to an event and/or changes to the work culture)
  • Organizational Restructuring/Modeling (i.e., Staffing & Processes)

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