Assessment, Analytics, Revitalization

Effective – Efficient – Sustainable Success


Assessment – Current State

(“or replenishing”)

Provide structured analysis on your company’s capability and capacity to successfully plan, implement, and sustain all projects from intake to execution – while maintaining business as usual [BAU] processes from faltering.


Review & Align – Set Direction

(“or communicating”)

Provide a holistic approach to govern and drive all projects across the organization from the enterprise to project workstream levels – while ensuring people-side risks are mitigated between the competing priorities of project implementation against ongoing operational support.


Cascade the Message

(or “ensuring the health of the people”)

Provide a structured approach to routinely conveying leadership decisions to implement and launch planned projects and the current status on inflight projects – while ensuring an air traffic control [ATC] view is reported routinely on both planned & inflight projects and their influence on day-to-day business operations.


Complete the Communications Cycle

(“or taking stock”)

Provide a feedback framework to ensure employees have the ability to raise awareness to conflicts and/or progress for concerns related to competing priorities of project based work vs. ongoing business operational support.


Implement & Execute the Change

(“or promoting the future end state”)

Prepare all employees of the structured approach to monitor projects, planned & unplanned business occurrences, and ongoing business operations. And ensure weekly, monthly, quarterly routines are in place to receive employee concerns on issues that may cause resistance or work stoppage.


Recognize Excellence & Continuously Improve

(“or to ensure the vision & strategy are well known by those who will work it”)

Implement a recognition and/or reward structure to promote what good looks like through partnership & camaraderie. Establish a business change framework that aligns employees at every level, encourages thought leadership to solicit partnership of change while supporting ongoing business operations, and solicits feedback from those influenced by change/s while “keeping the lights on.”


We will achieve profitable healthy growth for your business!

Specializing in Identifying and Minimizing Change Related Issues and Applying a Structured Approach to Transition for your Company Based on your People, Process, and Strategic Plans to Improve & Sustain Operational Performance

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